Thinking about History

Eric Foner’s quote challenges us to think of history as a two-way process.  The past and the future are tightly joined; one cannot change without the other.

In Colonial Williamsburg

Here in tidewater Virginia as elsewhere, people view the past on many levels. Some see it as knowledge workers, some as descendants of Virginians from centuries past, some as visitors with varying degrees of interest.  We are influenced by a global community in viewing the past.  Our views of history clearly mirror the culture we live in, and for many people history is irrelevant.

For me, however, history matters.  History connects us  to who we were, who we are, and who we are likely to become as a people.  Education drives that metamorphosis.  It is how we socialize  and culturally assimilate  members of society.

History and education continually inform each other:  That perspective is the basis for this blog.  Through it, I hope to explore the “how and why” of Virginia history as it is interpreted in different education environments, as a running commentary on those interpretations.


4 responses to “Thinking about History

  1. It looks great!!

  2. There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm — one is the danger of
    supposing breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other that heat comes from the furance.
    Aldo Leopold

    How did Leopold know back then that today much of the rural landscape is viewed by so many as an area where no one lives and nothing important happened or is happening? (example is the current “wasting” of Western Tidewater Virginia) Please help save the region of VA Century Farms by not exporting your ‘unwanted’ concerns to the countryside — these actions are destroying history as well as today & tomorrow’s vital food & fiber.

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